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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A friend's comment on NEGATIVITY!

It's difficult to understand people who are so negative all the time....I do know that they truly miss many opportunities with young people [in this particular circumstance]...they can be great fun and we can learn so much for them. After all, they are the future. When I think of people who won't give the kids a chance, thoughts come into my mind like: it may be one of these young people who becomes the doctor that saves your may be the young girl who wanted to learn CPR in the baby sitters' certification class who gives you mouth to mouth when you can't may be the one who wanted to be the journalist and began in the community newsletter who is the VOICE out there writing about your freedom....or worse yet, it may be the young man you called worthless who stands in the front line of war, fighting for your freedom.... It really ticks me off, but I am going to go for it [working with these young people] and if only one life is touched, then it was successful...

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