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Thursday, April 17, 2008


If your life is like mine, you also see opportunities to improve your way of being in this world at every turn! It's up to me to first take that look, acknowledge something could be improved upon and then take action.

Five months ago, my friend broke her hip and has since been in the hospital/rehab center in a city an hour over the mountain from me. Having much energy this has been very difficult for her. Mailing her cards and telephoning once in a while didn’t seem enough so I finally decided to put my consideration of having a very old dog that becomes frantic every time I leave the house aside and plan the one hour each way trip. I called her husband who shared with me that she won’t be returning home at all but will be going into to a nursing home since she won’t be able to care for herself. This made the journey even more imperative. Well, the dread of the mountainous drive into an unfamiliar city gripped me. Then something (maybe some remembering and wisdom) kicked in and I made a choice to change my attitude. Instead of this trepidation I decided to take my dog along because he rides in the car well now, not have a timeframe thereby eliminating any hurry and make it simply a pleasant day out for a drive for a visit with a good friend.

Other than a couple minor mishaps with the dog it was indeed a glorious sunny day with little traffic and no problems finding my way. An added bonus was my getting to feel so much better having lifted my friend’s spirits—and the relief of no longer procrastinating. What a great reminder to me that what we focus on becomes our reality--in every avenue of our lives!

Later I was reminded that it’s not what we do that matters but who we are. This has caused me to reflect innumerable times since. Busyness seems to have been ingrained in my personality, so letting myself just be Who I AM feels like a stretch. If this is indeed the case, then I felt it important to ask myself, WHO AM I really? If you haven't taken time to do this it could be a great exercise--it has been for me! My answers seemed to demand another question--In just being Who I Am is it sufficient to simply do what makes me happy?

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