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Saturday, January 30, 2010

These days with Mom!

1/30/10 For about a week now, especially since the sun has been shining more, Mom and I have done really well. Recently, however, Mom hit a rocky patch since just the other day she got to scrub my little area of the kitchen three times. Seems that pushed her almost to tears. During this week, Mom has seemed so busy I've not asked her to help me with the blog, but now I need to get her to do so mostly in order to remind her once again how much I appreciate all that she does for me. At night I'm having some troubles finding that perfect position for sound sleeping. This keeps Mom awake way more than is humanly healthy. So she's trying different things to see what can help me sleep better, thus making for a healthier life for herself. Since it seems almost like I'm getting my days and nights mixed up, I'm finding myself being gently awakened now earlier than usual and spending more time outside during the days. We haven't taken a walk for a while since the last few didn't seem very much fun for me. Carla mentioned when I last was groomed that a bit of an aspirin before bedtime might help my aches and pains so I could be more comfortable. And the last two nights it really seems to have helped.
As usual I'm so happy, so enjoying the beautiful purple, blue, green with a bit or orange/rose and silver of the confident self when Mom is experiencing 'now' as I do and learning to love herself as much as she loves me.

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