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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

These days with Mom!

Black Jack: Really hard to do my business in the pouring rain!
1/17/10 I may need to begin blogging more often, as Mom wasn't too happy about another floor scrubbing even though the area is smaller. I think when urine goes under the woodwork is when she really loses it. At bedtime Mom knew I hadn't relieved myself for a very long time, but I just didn't feel like going at bedtime. Therefore, Mom felt she had to listen for me to have to go out in the night. I think in the wee hours when I finally did, she got some real sleep.
1/18/10 Today was a dreary, drizzly day and all I felt like doing was sleeping--not eating or certainly going outside to potty. The rain was, like one of Mom's Facebook friends said a 'grandmother' rain (gentle and nurturing) rather than the forceful 'grandfather' rains that Arizona so often gets but I still don't like getting wet. As my care becomes more demanding, Mom adapts as usual--I only hope she can quit feeling badly that other household chores take a back seat to my care. Now she has found a larger crate in which she fed me tonight since she had taken me outside a dozen times or more with no success. This worked well, but I DID have to go--maybe a self-fulfilling prophecy for Mom... At least this helps her not scrub the floor, but sure makes a mess of ME unless she catches it quickly. And as for my bedtime vitamin, teeth cleaning cookie, Mom has saved all the crumbs and gives me a handful hoping I can get one piece to chew. The cookie situation defies description really.
1/19/10 The sun tried to come out today, so Mom took her walk--and then I got mine too. However would someone tell me how I'm supposed to enjoy going out at night to 'do my business' when it's pouring down rain? Just don't seem to be able to find the good in that...

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