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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weathering the storm with Mom!

1/20/10 Guess what! The rain let up just in time right after lights out for me to go outside to pee. Then in the wee hours of the morning I didn't have to get wet either. Mom was ready, though, she found jackets with hoods for both of us--boy did we both look ridiculous. But we wouldn't have gotten wet, nor will we when the bigger storm comes later this week. We both took the window of sunshine opportunity today to get our walks. And at bedtime there was no rain yet, so good day all around.
1/21/10 I sure didn't care for the cold, white wet stuff I had to wade through to pee this morning. In fact I made a U-turn immediately and Mom brought me back in until later. On these dark days I feel more like sleeping than even eating. Mom had to go through some serious stress, concern, worry over the predictions of wind and flooding from the snow melting in the high country. It didn't take her too long to calm down though, after she remembered Who is really in charge. She may be okay to go on without me soon after all. As her 'reward' the winds seemed to let up around midnight.
1/22/10 This night I simply could not find a comfortable position. I must have tossed and turned for hours. Mom was patient but I know it takes a toll on her 'good' sleep.
1/23/10 The days sure do whiz by quickly--in spite of the fact that they sometimes feel like they're 'dragging'! Looks like the storms might be over and I'm really happy about that, but it seems lots colder today.

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