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Friday, January 1, 2010

Year End with Mom!

"What dreams may come"--again...
12/31/09 What a great way to end yet another year...with Mom getting her brisk walk in the sunshine and my warmer walk later in the day. I know Mom takes me on my slow walks for me (especially since my confined area has shrunk), but I believe they are also for her--especially since I was restless, tossing in my crate virtually all night long last night. Mom let me just do it, but I know it keeps her awake. Today I began to balk during my walk, and so Mom carried me part of the way about communicating and a great partnership. Just as in any long term close relationship, Mom sees the kid I used to be when I do my version of running on my walks. After a refreshing nap, I enjoyed once more my blended food. Boy, oh boy, it would be great to CHEW again... s'pose that's what's waiting when I'm ready to go...?
Blew my perfect 'no pee' record of almost 10 days...not sure what happened, either, since Mom had me outside for a very long time. Guess the urge just came too late to go outside.
We ended the year with a near perfect sleep...

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