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Sunday, January 17, 2010

This Week with Mom!

1/8/10 Well, I spiced life up a bit, deciding I don't want to sleep in my warm cushy beds. Instead I've found a pillow on the kitchen floor. Mom put a long pillow in the corner behind it (sort of like a padded wall!) so this is my new 'haunt'. May go back to the beds though as the bare kitchen floor is a bit cold around my edges.
1/12/10 Hey, guys, haven't wanted to bore you with what on the surface looks like a very mundane existence--eating, pottying, sleeping, pottying, eating, you get the picture. However as we dogs do I find a certain good or joy in every moment that presents itself. And if my life has a gift to give, I believe that is a biggie.
1/14/10 On this day Mom noticed that my hair has thinned even more under the sweater she has me wearing ever single day. So she lovingly put lotion on me and removed the sweater for my skin to breathe for a while. It did feel good, not only the lotion but the loving strokes. And I also loved it when she held me for 2 hrs in her lap, all wrapped in a cozy blanket. How could anyone ask for better care?
1/17/10 Have you wondered where I've been? Well when all is smooth sailing there really isn't too much to write for you--don't want to be boring afterall. Lately however Mom & I have hit some rough patches. That's when I feel it's most important to blog, to remind Mom that no matter how difficult my care seems, she is awesome!

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