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Thursday, January 7, 2010

This Week with Mom!

1/3/10 Mom was a bit melancholy today. Seems it's not easy for our humans to watch us drift away in our golden years. Add to that the care and upkeep and maybe I can understand why it's not always to be totally celebratory. She did take her walk and do some computer work and after my making suggestive overtures, she got it that I wanted to get out in that warm, embracing sunshine, too. Although the walk was about 1/2 its usual length because I seem to disoriented and Mom can't quite tell how far I really do want to walk, that warmth even soothed me. I sure wish Mom would put her chair outside and spend more time outside like she used to.
1/7/10 There really hasn't been too much to report. My blogging, reminding Mom of my love and gratitude for her special care hasn't seemed quite as needed lately. Mom seems to be taking the task of my care in stride a bit better lately. This no doubt has something to do with my slowing down more and more. We have our good days and our not so good days, an accident here and there, a walk upon occasion, lots of great eats--or should I say drinks (like the yams Mom gave me today) and many, many hours of sleeping.
Of course we dogs pay no attention to time, but Mom sure seems to notice that each day is just sliding right into the next. I've made sure Mom will let you know when I decide it's time to go on to that even bigger buffet table and of course I'll keep reporting from time to time.

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