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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday with Mom!

Black Jack: It's good to be alive! In light of two of my animal friends passing yesterday, I'm so grateful to have had the long life I' have been blessed with--and helping keep Mom on track >he he<.

11/20/09 Oh, my, I sure am letting more poo's slip... I've been doing that almost every morning and Mom seems to handle the stinky bed better than the wet bed. Of course wet smells bad to her, too. When she chose to take me for my walk before she did her own, I let a few slip as soon as she put me down. And I couldn't really decide whether I wanted to continue the walk or not, so I got only about 1/2 a walk today. But the day was awesome so it was good to be outside even for a bit. It's good to be alive! Especially since Mom got word today that Nikki pass as well as another friend's dear cat.

Mom tried everything to make me happy in the evening. She fed me, took me out (I fell asleep outside in the cold), put me in bed, held me, but all I could think of was my bedtime cookie. I finally did eat more of my dinner.

Only up a few times during the night--no accidents for a while.

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