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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thursday & Friday with Mom!

I remember when I could stand on my own two back feet and beg like the best of them. And just look at that silky black coat! We old guys sometimes just get wobbly legs and thinning hair...
11/12/09 Not much to report on this cloudy, blustery Arizona day. All went pretty well. Mom got out of the house for a bit and brought a few groceries back, along with some more ear medicine. I sure hope like she does that since it helps me not be so restless, for both our sakes. Well, it didn't work this night...not sure what the problem was. Had to go out a couple of times and then tossed and turned but at least it wasn't the ear.
11/13/09 This was a dreary, drizzly day and I really don't much like water drops falling on my head when I'm trying to go to the bathroom. Just imagine! So I held it as long as I could. Mostly slept today...then couldn't hold it any longer and again it was at bedtime of course. Mom was even more unhappy with my weak bladder when I did it again immediately after I'd been outside in the cold drizzle for so long a time Mom's sympathy won out. Guess she needs to be tougher, sad to say.
It seems to Mom like one day is just another version of the last sometimes. And indeed they may be, but in every tiny moment there are things to cherish and be grateful for--like remembering good times as in the picture. Mom often feels she needs something to look forward to in order to be enthusiastic. I sure hope she works more on being in the present moments as she knows she must.

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