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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday with Mom!

11/4/09 Today Mom got to go on her walk before she had to talk on the phone with Auntie Robyn & Jim about business. I didn't feel like eating and couldn't decide if I wanted to sleep, be outside or in my kitchen area. Mom tried everything to make me happy except for going back to the kind of food I really like. She tries to vary my diet and I just don't care. Find what works and stick with it I say! I was finally able to get that point across and enjoyed my really good food in the afternoon. I was still up wandering in the kitchen (also had an accident) when she got back with bags of food again today.
My walk was in the late afternoon again, but grateful to get to do it. I have a harder time when the sun isn't bright knowing what direction to go, but Mom guides me pretty well. It sure can be confusing, though.
A good portion of today I spent sitting in the middle of the hard, cold kitchen floor hanging my head--almost tipped over sleeping in that position a few times. But I just jumped right back out of my bed when Mom put me there. So I guess there's nothing left for her to do but be okay with my choice. Maybe she can call it my "meditation time".
Mom was restless most of the night--I think the smoke in the air was bothering her because I think I sensed her coughing once.

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