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Monday, November 16, 2009

Week end with Mom!

11/14/09 Okay, so I was shivering a bit today...Mom put a fleece-lined denim coat that once belonged to Katie on me for my walk. I didn't realize how much bigger she must have been than I was. Mom thought my balking at taking a walk might have been that I could barely waddle in that coat--that is until she got me to my backyard where I had to poo. Seems these days I only want to do my jobs in my own back yard. It even took me days to figure out that I could go in Auntie Robyn's yard when we visit her. Strange perhaps, when most of us dogs like to go anywhere and frequently, but for whatever reason it seems to be a strong preference for me now.
Yahoo! It was a dry night with sounds sleep other than getting Mom up only once for a potty call.
11/15/09 Today looked like it might just be another too quiet day. But Mom fed me fresh food that I ate while she walked and then she came home and took me for my walk. It was one of those almost perfect Arizona days with the sun warming my skin and the crisp breeze blowing through what is left of my hair. There weren't too many headlines to sniff out in our quiet neighorhood--either that or my 'sniffer' isn't up to snuff.
One more really good night, only going outside once then sleeping as late as Mom needed me to.

11/16/09 Today seemed like a 'crisis day' for Mom. She was able to get me outside, fed and back to bed before she had to leave.

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