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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Monday & Tuesday with Mom!

Grooming day yesterday! This is how I used to look on grooming day--now I just get a short cut for my comfort and Mom's convenience.
11/2/09 It was a late walk but only for me... Mom is still processing 'being'. My ear area is bothering me again even when Mom keeps it clean. So it took a while for me to settle down for the night, but then all was well.
11/3/09 No big problems this morning--my ear/jaw area seems to be a bit better. Didn't really feel like eating the food with extra vitamins in it. I really don't know why Mom must keep putting stuff in my food. Guess she wants to keep me as healthy as possible. The beginning of Mom's birthday outings began today with her going out to eat.
Then this was grooming day. Boy, I sure don't like it, but feel so much better when it's all over. Today wasn't quite as bad as other times since I seemed to be really tired--so tired I even fell asleep on the table at one point when there was a lull in the clipping and scissoring. Carla is really as gentle and careful as she can be and I don't make it easy for her with my thrashing around wanting to stand on at least two of my wobbly feet. She told Mom that my problem isn't my teeth but something to do with my ear. Good thing because it would be impossible to fix a tooth problem for me now.
I had to be reminded with some kitchen time that sleeping in my bedroom bed is just fine...then a very good night again.

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