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Monday, November 30, 2009

Week end with Mom!

Black Jack: Found a new corner and position for sleeping...

11/28/09 Mom sure had a hard day dealing not only with a couple of things with her new computer that just wouldn't work, but also not feeling well at all.. At least I behaved very well and we had a good night's sleep.

11/29/09 Today was a different story altogether. Seems Mom really is learning some good coping skills. She put aside the computer problems since she has things she really wants to do instead of the continual frustrating trying which has seemed to be how her life has been spent mostly. She figured out an alternative temporary solution to yesterdays' problem. This seems to have made all the difference.

We took our walks, mine before the cold wind came up. I wonder if I'll get raindrops on my head when I go out for bedtime potty call like I did last night--I don't much like that! No wetness, but pretty darn cold for Arizona.

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