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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thursday & Friday with Mom!

11/5/09 Today Mom seemed warmed by good wishes and excited to go for a birthday celebration breakfast with her friend. No walks... Later in the day another friend stopped by and she petted me. I barely knew she was there but sensed that she loves me like almost everyone else who has ever met me.

We didn't get our walks but it's okay once in a while to just lay around...just ask me.

11/6/09 This day I did get my walk--later in the day again. The air wasn't filled with smoke and it was really comfortable. A neighbor stopped to chat with Mom and gently petted me, too. I think people don't know what to expect of such an old guy. In fact sometimes I think they feel as if I might break or something. But that's sure not the case--just ask Mom. I'm pretty tough even if I act like I'm in a different world and stumble a lot.

Boy trying to enjoy my bedtime treat sure is a lot of work these days! And this has added another wrinkle to all Mom's already numerous care giving duties. In trying to get those darn cookies to stay in my mouth, I have to chase them all over the kitchen floor with my mouth. This causes lots of saliva to be left behind to be cleaned up. In addition, my wobbly legs don't let me change positions on my soft plush bed by myself, so in the night, Mom has to get up and help me so I quit thrashing around in my crate.

Then top this off with both nights ending in another kitchen floor scrubbing and I'm glad Mom was still in 'birthday mode'. She seems to get really agitated when I pee right next to the floor boards--must be something about how the urine soaks into the wall. Glad she has some chemical to take the odor away or she would be even more upset.

Oh well, tomorrow will be a better day.

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