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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Very long week end with Mom!

11/7/09 Mom was busy doing laundry and getting ready for Auntie Robyn to visit, so I didn't eat much and just went back to bed after morning 'duties. Only chowed down late in the afternoon. By then Mom had lost her steam and didn't really feel all that great--think it may have had something to do with the wind coming up.
11/8/09 Both of us were up early and boy, that dusk time of day is cold! So shocking it's hard to do my business and shiver at the same time. Sometimes Mom and I get our communication wires crossed. I made sure I stayed really 'laid back' so Mom and Auntie Robyn could talk and watch tv together most of the day after she arrived. Robyn seemed to really need to talk lots with Mom. I believe it had something to do with Jim's family and his not getting to come. I have to give Mom credit for fixing me more food when I finished up. I made sure to stand right by her legs so she wouldn't miss the clue that I was still hungry when I finished my first dish of food.
11/9/09 Whew! Mom and Auntie Robyn sure stayed busy during this day. They were in and out all day long--eating, shopping and bunches of talking! I was a very good boy...only having a couple of accidents before bedtime last night.

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