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Monday, November 2, 2009

Week end with Mom!

10/31/09 I got to enjoy some special moments with Mom this morning, sitting in her lap in the sunshine. If I could have heard them I know Mom was thrilled to listen to the birds sing. She also loves the sunshine which can get a bit too warm with my black hair--that's why the fancy shirts even in the summertime. Usually I don't like to be held too long these days but this day it felt pretty good.
I thought I wasn't going to get my walk today, but late in the afternoon Mom took me and then went for her own. It was really a beautiful day leaning toward warm but just about right. I think this is why Mom moved us from our grassy Nebraska backyard to Arizona. And I can't say I'm unhappy (like Mom) that I don't have to try to wade or leap through that very cold white stuff in the winter. My belly used to actually drag in it and sometimes Mom couldn't even find me! Then I was covered in white balls until it melted!
11/1/09 We had a bit of a rocky start to this month of November...Mom just wasn't there when I woke WITH the urges going on! So she got to clean up not only my bed but my body as well. I then got to go back to my activity room bed to finish my morning sleep before breakfast.
Once again I thought I'd not get my walk but took a stroll late afternoon as the sun went behind the mountain which was nice for a change of pace.
Mom had yet another talk on the phone with Auntie Robyn and I think she is finally beginning to get her 'head on straight'. She says she's been feeling as if she doesn't want to do anything at all and so is planning to say no to what doesn't feel right until she figures out how to do only what she is led to do and not live only for others (except for me, of course). And we animals are here for these stubborn humans to get by our good examples that life is meant to be enjoyed not struggled through!

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