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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tuesday & Wednesday with Mom!

Black Jack: What a difference a decade makes--especially in a dog's life, eh?!
11/10/09 It was hard for Mom after Robyn left, mostly because the house got really quiet. She went for her walk but felt sorta down the rest of the day. It could have had something to do with my restlessness all night long, however. It was good that she finally rested in the afternoon. I thought for a while that I'd get to go for my walk but it got too cold and dark too soon. Mom asked me to forgive her for just not feeling like it, and I always have and always will of course.
Interesting how very much it affects Mom when someone she loves is hurting in any way... These humans sure do live complicated lives. At the end of the day I was restless again and for about 2 hours Mom tried everything she knew to do, finally putting some medicine in my ear. Maybe she'll get some more so she can do that more often...and get to sleep more.
11/11/09 I find that I'm not feeling like posting my blog entries quite as often these days because one day seems to meld into the next. I'm so glad I don't let that get to me like Mom does. Seems that if she doesn't have some thing to look forward to, she gets a little down. Now that sure isn't living in this very special moment of now like we dogs do, is it? I do believe that is one of the many reasons I'm sticking be sure she 'gets' it.
Both of us got our walks today--gorgeous weather. I don't much like the loose, crunchy leaves under my feet but Mom really does, going out of her way to scrunch them.
Kitchen floor sure smelled good today--TWO scrubbings!

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