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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Friday with Black Jack!

8/14/09 Up at 5 a.m. to be ready to go out to breakfast with a girlfriend at 7:30 or 8...and that's just about how much time needed (withOUT our daily walks!) to get my boy watered, fed, duties done and settled in for his morning nap. Wish I could clearly describe what it's like to blend a nice juicy bowl of food for him and have him dance a joyful jig around it commencing with prancing right into it!
My respite out with the girls sure did help with the attitude and restored some vigor to my life. However, I returned to Black Jack wandering the house. He developed 'separation anxiety' even when Katie Lou was his constant companion. So, as soundly as he sleeps, it usually works now that I can get him into one of his naps and he never knows I'm gone. But it's pretty heart breaking on those occasions when I return to his mournful howl, not knowing how long he's been in distress before my arrival.
Wasn't quite diligent enough this evening during Jack's 'feeding frenzy' to get him outside quite soon enough. Scrubbed the floor realizing there is no way I'm keeping up with the cleaning sufficiently! Think I'll hire a whole cleaning crew first thing when Jack decides he's ready to go...
Calming sleep interrupted a few times, but no fault to be assigned after the heaping helpings of food my boy consumed mixed with water!

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