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Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday with Mom!

8/27/09 Great start to the morning! Boy, when I get to sleep I really sleep. I felt something brewing, though...turned out to be Mom went on another outing today. We both only thought I was soundly asleep when she left, but I woke up all alone again and had a good, loud CRY! I also couldn't hold the piddle until she got home, which always makes me sad because of the extra work it caused. As usual Mom made it all better again quickly, though.

The picture for today is one of Mom's favorites and brings to mind lots of memories for both of us. For a couple of years Katie and I enjoyed a grassy back yard. That deep green grass was so cool and there were so many things to do and experience in that yard (nothing like our Arizona rock landscaping). When we went outside Katie & I loved to run as fast as we could to say "Hi" to the neighbor dogs--made quite a ruckus in the neighborhood. We both laughed inside really hard when Katie amazed Mom by chewing on a huge green bean from the neighbor's garden, and even more when she played with a big, big grasshopper. Finally she chomped down on it and 'grossed out' both Mom & Robyn.

As for me I liked burying my beef bones and then trying to find them. The picture is the result of one of those efforts. Don't think I ever found the bone but sure had fun in that snowy moist dirt! Come to think of it, maybe that's why I felt like I needed to dig in Mom's houseplants after we moved to the desert...

Speaking of dirty--I guess I'd have to admit I've sort of been a 'dirty' dog all of my life--by human standards, that is. Not only did I love eating 'droppings' as I already mentioned, but I absolutely loved getting into the trash (the smellier the better). I even embarrassed Mom & her friends one time for some reason when I proudly wanted to share a 'female treasure' from one of the bathroom trash cans! Just can't understand why humans think these things are "gross". Well, I no longer think those things are so fascinating anymore so Mom now puts the trash cans back on the floor instead of on counters and backs of toilets. Maybe, just maybe some of these antics are why I used to be called "100% Mischief".

Good night's sleep.

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