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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday with Judy!

8/19/09 While I love my days of leisure like yesterday, I forget just how much I enjoy being outside for my morning walks, sniffing all the new smells like today. When I was a kid, besides doing my tricks & eating, going for my walks was my favorite thing! Mom loved that I could keep up or even get ahead of her and that I would have walked to the end of the earth with her. One time, I remember, I wanted to keep going even when I got way too hot--so Mom took me home to cool off. Now I wear Hawaiian shirts when I'm outside during the summer and of course coats for winter. I have quite a wardrobe. My friend Susan bought the colorful shirts for me. I think this has something to do with how my coat suddenly thinned a few years ago. It isn't itchy, but my skin is awful. Mom was really sad that I lost my glossy, silky black coat. She tried everything from getting me tested to extra vitamins and lotion, even puts fish oil in my food, but nothing seemed to help. Before she always said my hair barely needed any combing it was so manageable, now it doesn't really even need combing! Guess now she's afraid without hair I might sunburn or something without my snazzy shirts.
And as for the walking, I think all of my cousins and I had a 'leg up' on other puppies. When we began walking Mom made sure it was on pieces of carpeting so our legs developed properly. Surely that's one of the reasons I could enjoy all my long, brisk walks throughout my life and why I'm still able to get around as well as I do--even though I'm a bit wobbly now.
Had a really, really long nap this morning/afternoon. Think Mom went out during that time, but no sweat! I see she has tried to block all the places I find myself stuck in now that my new 'roaming area' is smaller, but I still found myself wedged between two big flower pots after I ate. I'm not exactly sure how & why that happens: might have something to do with my not seeing too well. I'll bet she'll take care of it for me though...
Was a bit antsy last night until Mom made it clear that I needed to stay in bed, then I just seemed to melt into the softness of my bed.

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