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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday with Mom!

8/25/09 I thought I might need to go out very early this morning, but found a comfortable position and was able to let Mom sleep for another few hours. Today I just felt like eating instead of walking. This was sort of a good thing so Mom could get her walk in during the best time of the morning for a change.
This afternoon she spent a lot of time at the little box on the table. Think she was doing more reminiscing by sharing pictures with friends.
It was really heartwarming to hear Mom say that she not only loves me but respects me when Day tried to explain that we have a very special bond. It's not like a mother & child but something even more comforting. Difficult to explain. They also must appreciate my qualities because they both agreed that the world would be well served if I come back over and over in human male form.
Once again it's about bedtime and I'm ready for my bedtime snack. Mom gives me a 'chewy'. I used to love my fresh beef bones and rawhide--the bigger the better, but now I can't get my teeth into those so well. So she gives me pressed meat sticks (think they have some supplements for my old bones) with natural toothpaste on them. She really is trying to keep my mouth healthy even though we both know my teeth aren't very good anymore. Sure don't want to have tests and be 'put under' for the cleaning so I'm really happy this is working so far.

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