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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday with Mom!

8/28/09 I REALLY appreciate it when Mom gently pets me awake in the mornings. I'm glad I'm not like Katie who woke up biting, but it's good to not be startled nonetheless. Then she carries me outside to do my 'business'--I even hear her grunting a bit, picking up my 12 to 15 pound body depending on when I've eaten. Think she does this because it takes my legs to long to get in gear and then find my way to the back door. Oh, for the days when I hopped in and out of the pet door with ease..and at will!

Mom took the 'hot walk' again today after mine. Once again I did my 'bunny hop run' part of the way back because I knew breakfast would be served.

In keeping with yesterday's entry about my mischievousness I'm remembering back even further today. My sister and I ran circles around our cousins born about the same time. We seemed to actually look for something to get into. I remember the little step in our playroom that my roly-poly body rolled me off of lots of times as I chased after a toy. We all loved to chew on shoestrings, too!

Eventually I learned lots of tricks. I could sit and stay for a very long time--of course my body just quivered for the treat when I was told 'okay'! And I loved finding my 'cookies' tucked away in everything from egg cartons, jars, newspapers, paper sacks to even a glove. Mom was always looking for ways to keep our lives interesting. My main chore seemed to be leading the way on our glorious walks, with Katie 'having my back' always. I deemed it my duty as well to alert Katie & Mom of any strange noises, but best of all I enjoy simply being a good companion. Now it's just a challenge to just get my cookies from the dish or off the floor. Although sometimes I do miss having more to do, our walks are priceless.

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