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Monday, August 24, 2009

Week end with Mom!

8/22/09 Mom did it again, took me for my walk first and then had to walk when it was a bit too warm for her. Afterward she had to run a quick errand. She thought since I was eating so I'd not miss her so much, but when I noticed she was gone, that sick 'separation anxiety' feeling overcame me again. I was crying when she got back. I just don't like not having her here!
But then I finished my breakfast and managed to knock over my fancy dish for the second time. Today's food isn't my favorite--that's why I didn't just 'dig right in'. I just wonder what's wrong with serving me the same food over and over? Seems to me if I am eating one kind then maybe it's a human thing to want variety when I'd be happy as a clam to simply eat what I LIKE.
And Mom might have to buy me a dog dish afterall, but in the meantime she has put the dish in a box that she 'fancied up' with a colorful plastic bag. Think the bag might also be to help keep the box clean... It worked for my final feast today.
8/23/09 Today my friend/neighbor Susan showed up after my morning nap to let me out, chat a bit and be sure I had plenty to eat, so I knew Mom must have been out having some "away time" again. In fact Susan was here and Mom startled her when she returned. I really am glad that Mom has such a good neighbor who can help her take some breaks from the quiet fun we have. The evening and night time sleep was one of the best in a long time. So just goes to show that some R&R is a very good thing, eh?!

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