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Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursday with Judy!

8/20/09 Had a great walk again this morning early enough that it was nice and cool. I sure do appreciate Mom's being willing to put her walk off for me. I also know that means sometimes she is the one who has to endure more heat or even forego her walk entirely. The things she does for me!
This morning my right ear made me shake my head so Mom got out the cleaning stuff again. We have to do this every few days since gunk seems to build up and is very irritating. While I really appreciate her getting it out of there and it feels good when she is cleaning it, I'm not crazy about her messing with my ears which doesn't really make sense, does it?!
Rested well even though I didn't feel like eating too much before. In the late afternoon when it WAS time to eat I made up for it again. On my last helping my 'genius' Mom figured out how to elevate my food without buying expensive pet dishes. I am now eating from a stemmed dish like some high class aristocrat or something. It really worked, too--didn't spill a drop or knock it over and was able to just step right over it. Sure hope it keeps working since it makes me feel special.
Oops! Right at bedtime Mom wasn't paying close enough attention to get me outside before I "puddled" on the floor. Thank goodness the big rugs she worked so hard to finally put down were on the 'dry side' of my barricades. Then she had to put me in my bed 5 or 6 times before I got the idea it was bedtime. Then an hour later I popped out of bed until she took me outside twice watching me do nothing for about an hour offering me water because she knew I wasn't hungry. Eventually after her waves of frustration passed, she simply petted me to sleep.
Oh well, tomorrow is another day--hopefully filled with prettier colors!

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