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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday with Judy!

8/18/09 Well, Mom just plain 'tuckered herself out' today going away with one of her friends. I thought I heard her talking to someone about that yesterday. I don't like to have my Mom away and especially don't like being here all alone, but it also makes me happy to see her get away from the work and worry of me sometimes. I was sleeping when she left which was good. In a way look forward to these days, though since my good buddy Susan gets to visit me. She comes several times and always seems to have the time to pet me and chat--AND feed me cookies as well as food! So I like her visits a lot. She lives right across the street and even loved Katie! I hope Mom tells her that she can come and visit me even when she's not away...
I was pretty good--only had a small accident near my bowl. Also wanted Mom to know that Susan held my bowl up for me so I didn't have to bend down so far to eat and that made it easier for me--maybe Mom can do that, too or even get me a little 'dining table' or something. Not that I want to be pampered but would like to be able to eat easier which makes Mom happier, too. Boy, seems like my focus is on food lately, but then that's one of my favorite things these days.
Sometimes I simply amaze myself! Mom put me to bed around 8:30 last night since she was so tired after playing and coming back to all the work I make for her. She actually woke me up about 12:30 when she thought I must need to go potty. I tried SO hard, since I figured she wouldn't sleep well unless I did, but after about 1/2 hour I just couldn't go for her. So she put me back to bed and I slept until she woke me again about 6:30 a.m.! Don't know how I possibly do this, especially with all the extra moisture in my food--think it's from trying so hard to be good for my Momma!

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