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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday with Judy!

8/17/09 Boy! did I ever feel like "truckin'" on our walk today. I think not only the cooler air helps but also Mom's happier attitude seems to just spill over to me--fun seeing the pretty colors again. Didn't feel like eating much before my morning nap (not too crazy about this brand of food, so waiting for the next kind). I think Judy is learning not to worry about that, remembering I'll eat when I'm hungry.
This morning I did some running in my dreams...think I saw Katie who was willing to play with me which was nice. Great food when I got up--even with the supplements. I think Mom's hit on my favorite--and I think she likes it, too, since it looks and smells like 'people' chicken stew. She seems so pleased with herself when she serves it to me. It tasted so good I sorta pigged out; think I may have eaten a whole can!
This was a day filled with happy, calm colors even though I noticed that Judy enclosed my 'wandering' area with a long pillow. Now it looks like I only get to roam the kitchen and dining/office room when I'm not napping or eating--until bedtime. But, you know, Mom is almost always right here in the office part of the dining room sitting at her little table looking at the box on top of it, so I might get used to it. And I could just grow to like not having to figure out where I am in the whole house.
Life is good!

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