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Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday with JUDY!

8/16/09 Today I realized that "Mom" Judy has been having a really hard time with things lately. It makes me sad to see her so discouraged. Maybe if she sees it all through my eyes it will free her up to remember some of the many fun, loving, happy times we've had over all these 18+ years. Maybe I'll get to see the beautiful colors of her happier self come back!
When I was a puppy I loved to eat (and still do!). Why, I even ate so much one time while still nursing from my birth mother Sassi that I blew up like a balloon and was pretty miserable for a while. Today I got a bit confused on our walk, since all I wanted to do was go back and eat! (Seems when I hesitated to eat my food with the 'stuff' in it, Mom thought I was ready to go walking.) I'm going to try hard to eat my food with all the stuff in it since it must be good for me. I sure am happy Mom makes my food into soup. Something is going on with my tongue or mouth that I just can't seem to keep the harder food in my mouth very well anymore--but soup works. Judy is the best!
The days begin better when I am able to sleep quietly most of the night so Mom does, too... I just can't figure out why I don't feel like staying in my very comfy bed sometimes which seems to make Mom a bit restless. So I did better this night. I'm doing all I can to help Mom feel better like she does for me.

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