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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday with Mom!

8/21/09 We just had to sleep in today after the long night last night--so sadly no walks. Mom does her inside exercise on days like this since it gets too hot to walk later. She finally woke me at 7:30 and boy, I needed to go! Sure enjoyed breakfast from my fancy new dish, but Mom is just feeding me about 1/2 a dish at a time--guess she's not sure yet that I won't spill it.
As I watched Judy work with her plants this morning it brought to mind how I used to root in the dirt of the plants on the floor. That made quite a mess, so she put rocks in them that are still there even though I don't do that anymore. I used to really like eating the 'droppings' in the back yard, too and Mom is pretty glad I outgrew that, too.
Spilled my first 'fancy dish' of food, but just tipped and not much in it, so I could tell Mom wasn't too upset--especially since I didn't walk in it, too. Turns out maybe Moms are smart afterall.
A big wind came up this afternoon...going to try to keep it from affecting me. When I was still just a pup, my playfulness seemed to change into fearfulness especially of noises of various kinds, and they didn't even have to be loud noises. Really can't remember what might have happened to cause this... Even the 'click' when the furnace came on, for example drove me up the walls. My hearing seemed to be maybe a bit too good! I would even be 'clingy' sometimes and if Mom wasn't available I'd try to get to as high a place as I could find. When I was just inconsolable, Mom would give me 'potions' to help keep me calm, like Calms, Rescue Remedy and sometimes a bit of Kava Kava. Now that I can't hear at all or see very well those noises aren't a problem but I can sense lots of what's happening. Unsettling but definitely more peaceful.

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