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Friday, August 14, 2009

Thursday with Black Jack!

8/14/09 Heavenly clouds and cooler weather emancipated us from the rush to avoid mandatory exile from the punishing Arizona sun this time of year. Also relaxing was watching Black Jack eat several breakfasts as well as lunches, making up for lost meals yesterday. So for now I guess he's just doing as I should, too--eating when he's hungry! Pretty quiet day again, just some necessary foot scrubbing...
To explain the sometimes night time experience...Jack acts like the proverbial "jack-in-the-box" in that he doesn't seem to want to stay in his memory foam padded bed at bedtime. I would so like to get into his head and know just what he needs since he's always been fed, watered, and toilet duties taken care of at that point. It's particularly frustrating when I have to jump out of bed numerous times in the couple of hours when my sleep should be the most sound! I need to keep him in his bed overnight, otherwise he wanders, bumping into things and sometimes even gets himself under the bed which needless to say is very difficult to correct. I am SO blessed though, that mostly he sleeps up to 10 hours overnight without even having to go outside to relieve himself.
...and it turned out to be one of those restful nights...

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