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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday with Mom!

8/24/09 All is well again. Not quite so hot these days so Mom doesn't have such a challenge to get both of our walks in early enough to 'beat the heat'.

No real mishaps eating.

Then the day turned exciting. My other friend Day visited. She comes once a month to give Mom a long massage. Since she also loves me lots, she always takes the time to give me some of her healing love energy, putting her warm gentle hands on me right where it feels best. I really like that. And she also takes the time to talk and listen to me just like she does between visits from afar. Mom knows that she checks in with me which gives her lots of comfort. Day made sure Mom knew that through this blogging I'm helping her reminisce along with me. That's how I spend all the very quiet or asleep time I'm getting these days--enjoying the good times. I also told Day that I'm going to be lucky enough to choose the time I finally get to go be with Katie and the other dogs. I made sure Mom knows that I don't really want to continue getting more and more feeble so I'm finding myself looking forward to putting on my young body and mind again in the not too distant future now. I believe that Mom and I have shared and learned almost all we can from one another and it’s about time for both of us to begin new adventures.

To end the day perfectly Mom got to enjoy another conversation by phone with our buddy Andrea who also sensed these same loving things.

Very beautiful white/silver/gold angel light filled our house today!

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