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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday with Mom!

8/26/09 Today I was really hungry (I ate two whole helpings!)...maybe that's why I am so restless sometimes before bedtime. I suppose I'd best finish my dinner before I get so excited about my bedtime cookie because Mom puts the food away then. Gotta remember that.
Our walk was great today but when I see those shapes that must be people or dogs across the street from us, I get really skiddish. I know Mom begins to get impatient when I keep turning around as if they are going to come up behind me or something. It sucks to not see very well even though my sense of smell also helps get me through. We met a neighbor today who always labels me arthritic. Today she said, "looks like we have arthritis" and Mom replied, "oh, I'm so sorry" which took her by surprise. It seems to make Mom sad when people point out that I don't walk quite as well as I used to. I'm just happy I can go for my walks at all, but we do remember the good ole days, too.
Then Mom went out for a while again. Darn, I'd have been okay with that, but I woke up after she left. I got so lonely again that I was crying loudly when she came back. After she comforted me and gave me a treat I settled right back in for my long nap.
Yummy smelling freshly blended food, even with some sweet potato mixed in (I love sweet potatoes!) and I tipped the whole thing over, box and fancy dish included! I was so afraid I would go hungry since Mom took it away then. But she was just cleaning up the mess...whew! Sometimes I get so disoriented especially if there isn't enough light that Mom has to put my face in the dish not to mention pulling me out of dark corners. She sure works hard for me sometimes...

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