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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday with Black Jack!

8/15/09 This a.m. I decided to put Black Jack's vitamins back into his food. Suddenly a few months ago he decided no longer to eat his usual food so I took him off of it and put him on the canned which he devoured with no problem. At that point I wasn't quite sure if it was his dry dog food or all the 'stuff' I added. Well, today he readily lapped up the food with the supplements added, so 'Mom' feels better.
Then we both got our walks in--boy, the days feel better when that happens... and it's easier to get him nested in for his long afternoon nap, today so I could go to another movie.
So happy my attitude was 'refreshed' from a better night's sleep since after being gone only 3 hours to another movie I had quite a mess to clean up. Apparently Jack didn't get all his 'duties' done before I left, hard as I tried to see to it! Once again I must say I could use a 'twin' to help keep up with all the work as well as to commiserate with sometimes. He has been ravenous all day--don't know whether to keep on feeding him until he refuses since the ramifications of that aren't too good (getting up lots of times tonight)... LOVE that he's enjoying his food again, but...
Sad to say that this was one of those frustrating days when I felt as if all I accomplished was blending & serving food then cleaning up after! And after another stop-&-go night, even this self-professed cheerleader is finding it tough to see the silver lining day after day... And of course this brings on a myriad of emotions knowing what a HUGE hole there will be in my life when it's all over, feeling guilty for not realizing that joy and love in every moment. Hopefully Sunday will be a brighter day.

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