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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday with Black Jack!


With the mixed blessing of sleeping in, we had time to go for Jack's walk. Judy will do 'plan B' inside for my daily exercise to avoid the rising heat. I'm wondering if the aroma therapy I tried the last two nights has helped with some more peaceful sleep...maybe for Jack, too. Will continue to 'monitor' that!

Today was less 'adventuresome' than others in that there was a lot of sleeping going on (just him...not me) after Jack's walk. Seemed he didn't care to eat as much as I'd like to have him eat, so I grilled him some chicken breast and blended that with sweet potato along with his food. He's working on it for the third time now, only having stepped in it a few times.

It was a restless night with not much sleep on my part again, but then we dozed off to pretty wicked thunderstorms. It was tough to send my little '90 yr old' Black Jack out in the rain to do his 'business' but eventually things let up so he could relax into it. The thunder & lightening brought back vivid memories of the difficult problem we had with Jack's fearfulness during the early part of his life. Loud or unusual sounds used to leave him quaking to the point that I needed to give him Calms and Rescue Remedy--and he seemed to have too-acute hearing! Last night I observed him not even flinch while outside during a deafening clap of thunder followed by blinding lightening. But I believe his other senses were telling him the energy in the air was different and so he was on edge most of the night.

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