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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thursday & Friday with Mom!

Black Jack: As you humans know it's easier to see things differently--even a puzzling celebration like Halloween and "go with the flow". SO here's another pose of me in my cowboy costume--guess I'm not really all that thrilled... But Mom & I wish you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!Blank
10/29/09 Not really much to report today...and that's part of Mom's sadness. Sometimes she feels as if the's "lost" herself in the monotony of caring for me. She knows exactly what to do about it, but sometimes can't quite get a handle on it by herself.
Her patience did wear a bit thin when she kept taking me outside to only watch me sit in the cold and not feel the urge to relieve myself so she could get into a sound sleep. And even a dog can understand how frustrating that must be to my human. Then when she put me in the kitchen to calm down I DID feel the urge. So to top off her not so great day she got to scrub. At least she then knew she could get some uninterrupted sleep.
10/20/09 Again Mom took me out very early to watch me do nothing. But she slept nevertheless for a couple more hours. Today Mom went out with her girlfriend again. I do so love it when she goes out for a change of pace because I know how good it is for her and thus both of us. Then she spent some time talking to Auntie Robyn on the telephone. Out of that she devised a plan to help her handle the endless mundane chores in her life. She's keeping a list of all the those seemingly meaningless things to appreciate that they are really 'soul matters' in the bigger picture. She seems motivated now to do even more. Isn't it amazing how when these humans just look at things differently it makes all the difference? As she learns more and more I know I can move on one of these days.
Then Mom even went out to a movie. I was pretty lonely by the time she got back and it was a busy evening watching her play catch up, but ended up being although a late night, a good sleep.

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