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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday with Mom!

10/13/09 I awakened early today and really enjoyed my walk. There were lots of "newspaper smells". When Katie walked with us, Mom used to say she had to read every word (which required more of Mom's extraordinary patience) while I could enjoy quickly 'reading' just the headlines. Now it takes me a bit longer to get the general gist of what's been going on while I was gone.
I had a banana piece snack today. Both Mom and I had forgotten I liked it. She tried an apple later, but that didn't turn me on so much (of course after giving it a good effort. Today I needed my ear cleaned again--getting used to it I suppose.
Poor Mom sneezed through the morning even though she did get to take her walk and go out for more food for me, too. Then I could tell she just didn't feel on top of her game the rest of the day. I felt so sorry for her that I tried not to have to go out to use the 'facilities' all night long. But that made me toss and turn about every two hours which of course disturbs her sleep. Finally very early in the morning she did take me outside and then I went soundly back to sleep, although sadly she couldn't. You see, as has always been my nature (like Mom's) I try sometimes too hard to please others and make those around me happy & comfortable. All this trying to communicate and help Mom get the bigger messages truly can be exhausting sometimes.

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