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Monday, October 5, 2009

Week end with Mom!

10/3/09 Mom had walked long before she awoke me today. Then she got busy so I refused to eat, sat in the middle of the kitchen floor staring at her and hanging my head, pretty much employing all the communication skills that I've always been so well known for, until she took me for MY walk. Of course what she was busy doing was MY laundry. And her day remainded full of activity--she even went out and brought back food for me.
About the time she was going to soak in a hot tub, I decided to get up from my long afternoon nap.
I'm finding that the new dish is helping me realize I have plenty of freedom in my 'familiar' kitchen so I don't have to wish I could get past the barricades any more.
As Mom was trying to relax later, I got impatient waiting to go out and then have my bedtime cookie and just had to speak up! I used my yawn/question mark voice and it worked. Tonight was another really good sleep.
10/4/09 Today we both slept in, me longer than Mom of course. It felt downright cold this morning. Mom even put a warmer jacket on me. It was cloudy and spitting and then the sun came out off and on. Again today Mom found even more to be done, actually doing some cleaning and household organizing. She made some 'juicy' smells, but she didn't share any 'people food' with me this time--must have been food not quite appropriate for dogs.
I really pigged out at dinnertime. Maybe that's why even after being outside a really long time, I still came inside and caused another mopping session for Mom. Hate when that happens, but then we just move on. And yes, I was a bit restless but did my best to settle in especially for Mom.

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