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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday with Mom!

Black Jack: Couldn't wait to share my favorite 'cowboy' costume with you--hat, boots, badge and all!
10/28/09 This morning Mom left me out long enough that I felt the urge to do both of my 'jobs' outside. In fact she did that all day long since I've been taking longer and longer to 'feel the urge'. It sure was cold and windy every time. Even though Mom put an extra coat on me and the sun was shining most of the day, that wind just made if feel way too cold to be outside. Even though we live in the high desert of Arizona it tried to snow off and on all day long, too. So Mom and I stayed in the entire day. I don't think Mom feels so great cooped up like that with the clouds and all so she began feeling even worse as the day wore on, I could tell. I really don't like being exclusively an 'house dog' much either really. The night was a good one, not totally relaxed but good.

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