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Monday, October 26, 2009

Week end with Mom!

10/24/09 After the rough start the day got a bit better, but Mom was very busy when all she really wanted to do was get away and/or relax. When she should have been leaving auntie Robyn was on the phone and then another friend needed to come over to ask a favor. It was 3 p.m. before she could take time for herself.
Man, even after Mom tried the 'kitchen reminder' I was so determined not to stay in my bed that I bumped my mouth on my bed so hard it began to BLEED. When Mom noticed she kept a level head and cleaned me up with nice cool damp paper towels, checking to be sure I didn't hurt anywhere. Even after that it was a restless night. Mom probably turned that light on and checked on me 10 or 12 times during the night. I just am having a hard time changing positions with my weakening hind legs. Sure hope I can figure out how to not do this so Mom gets her sleep. Gotta keep her healthy.
10/25/09 We finally got a larger chunk of sleep early this morning so we slept a bit later than recently. Mom spent mostly a lazy day but did cook some chicken mostly for me, I think since I haven't eaten as well as usual the last couple of days. She also shared some yellow squishy stuff with me that I really liked. I think they call it squash--what a peculiar name for a food...
This couldn't have been a much more 'laid back' day, but then they mostly all are for me these days. After my now usual brief "understanding lesson" that Mom wants me to sleep near her, it was a pretty good night, only needing to go out very early in the a.m.

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