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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday with Mom!

10/6/09 Today allergens were blowing in the wind so Mom opted to exercise inside which left me to my sleep/dreaming. On days like this I appreciate that she lets me stay outside to enjoy the out of doors as long as I want. I sure do value the warmer dog clothing she puts on me when it’s colder like it has grown because since the days my beautiful silky black hair began thinning I seem to get cold easily and continue shivering for a long time without proper cover. This is one of my two of my winter coats. The stripes glow in the dark and it has a pocket on the back to carry a cookie or something I guess. It doesn’t quite cover my behind since I got my extra long body from my canine mother, Sassi, but I can make it work.

Pretty uneventful day. During these long naps I once again get to re-do all my former play and tricks... and remember the people/dog person that I was.

Once again Mom didn't get my bedtime cookie to me in a timely fashion and I got to use my yawn/question voice to remind her. Worked again. too.

I'll bet I get a gold star, extra cookie bite or lots of loving from Mom for sleeping so well and so long tonight.

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