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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday with Mom!

That’s me on your right, at the beginning of my healthy, happy life!

10/21/09 Another great walk this a.m. and I really 'trucked'. All day though I was restless and Mom was trying so hard to figure out what was up with me. Sure wish I could just tell her, but sometimes I don't even know myself. Think my tummy might have been a bit upset--maybe Mom won't buy this most recent kind of food again. After all I don't care if I have a variety of flavors or not--I just like what I like. Maybe she'll even cook for me again...

With the way Mom hasn't been 'on her game' and my acting strange I think I wore her out today. Over all, however, I am so very grateful that my life has been a healthy one. I've only had to go to the place that makes me 'quake in my boots' a couple of times. And Mom has been just as healthy. I'm pretty sure it has lots to do with a positive attitude but also eating and doing healthy things. Rethinking, I guess as much as I worried and was frightened of things early on, I should be even more grateful that this didn't affect my health.

I even piddled on the kitchen floor at bedtime...

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