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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday with Mom!

10/2/09 Even before I got up this morning, Mom had been shopping, as I noticed the kitchen counter was laden with more stuff. Speaking of 'stuff', I just don't get what these humans find so fascinating about accumulating things. They even lavish dog toys (clothes and other paraphernalia, too) on us, when we'd be just as happy to chew & play with a green bean, grasshopper or stick. Heck, we're even content to do absolutely nothing, which I seldom see human folks enjoying. My walk was awesome on this crisp morning. Mom went out again in the afternoon and returned with even more packages, believe it or not, but I suspect a couple of them are for me this time. Seems I'm always on Mom's mind when she is shopping...and most of the rest of the time too, I suppose.
I must admit what happened before bedtime was sti-i-i-nky! Looks like something may not have agreed with me... Necessitated another major cleanup, so bedtime was again delayed. Poor Mom, I know how much she hates housework and especially this kind. The other kitchen rug might just need washing, too...

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