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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday with Mom!

10/26/09 Today we both got our walks and then went about 'business as usual'. My "job" included snoozing and I thought about my favorite of all time toys again--my 'fuzzy monkey'. His floppy arms were what intrigued me and because I played with him so much he sure did get scruffy looking. Mom still has him but I just don't care to play anymore.
My dear friend Day was here today. She gave Mom a massage, did energy work on me and most importantly gave me some real peace of mind. I've been struggling with the idea of leaving this 'cushy' life. I told her I was uncertain what will happen when I do decide to go, so she shared mind pictures with me of how wonderful the next place will be. Along with reassuring me that Mom will be okay that really made a huge difference to me. Now I can relax and be more comfortable until the time I decide that I'm just too tired to be here any more.
Day also called me a 'fighter' but sometimes that turns out to be not such a comfortable quality. Last night we were awake and usually out of bed almost every hour. Mom is wondering if lots of "power naps" add up to a good night's sleep... On occasions like this Mom must draw on her 'saint-like' patience over and over. Even a nightmare-ish night like this is made a bit easier to handle, however, remembering what it was like when Katie was deciding to move on.

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