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Monday, October 19, 2009

Long week end with Mom!

Black Jack: Now here's a truly "freaky" thought--TWO of me...? But then again...I've been such a 'cool dude' maybe that wouldn't be all bad >ha
10/16-18/09 Having gone outside to relieve myself, I was still asleep after Mom's brisk walk. Sometimes she uses such discipline that her procrastination at other times seems out of character. I'm just glad I'm not so hard to figure out--the simple life suits me just fine. And yet there are times that I see Mom intently tyring to know what's going on with me so she can make my life better than it is. Sometimes she tries so hard I see her putting her hand to her head as if it hurts. I would never want to cause anyone pain, especially Mom. So I just keep on trying to get the message across that all is well exactly as it is.
Late in the morning, after we both had all our duties under control, I got to go for my walk. It was way too hot to stay out too long--the black topped road tends to get a bit warm for my feet. So we cut it short which suited me just fine. Upon occasion Mom has people stop to talk about me saying, "poor thing". You see, since my hind legs are a bit wobbly I suppose one might think I'd been inbibing or full of arthritis the way I go backward & forward, round in circles, and even fall down--sometimes not even able to get up without Mom's help. I guess Mom is the only one who needs to know that I'm really happy, healthy and feel just fine about everything. Heck, I don't even feel embarrassed or ashamed or any of those other human emotions when any of this stuff happens. Mom tends to get defensive when anyone says anything less than pleasant especially about me--isn't that also a silly reaction...
The rest of the week end didn't seem too significant, just a scrubbing (happy to report ony one), another walk, Mom at the computer but taking plenty of time to love on me and notice when I need anything. I'm doing my best to communicate more clearly with her for some of my needs. And after all these years, unless she's too busy, we're doing way better. It just could have something to do with my age and her realizing she won't have me around for too much longer.

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