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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10/11/09 Up really early. I went back to sleep while Mom kept busy on the computer. It's really interesting to notice that the way she copes with losing one thing from her life is to find a new project that makes her engrossed and happy. Without her regular work she just dived right into her photo projects. I'm not giving up until she includes photos of Katie on this Facebook thing.

I never did get my walk today since I was so sound asleep when Mom got back from hers, she thought I'd rather sleep. Today my meal was special since Mom blended hamburger and sweet potatoes then mixed that with some of my canned food--I believe she was running out of my canned food but never mind the reason, it was tasty.

I think after more time on the phone that Robyn, Jim & Mom got the business problems solved. Seems there is always something happening to make things more spicy tough. So at least with that one resolved, we had yet another really peaceful night.

My holiday outfit today is way too 'girlie' for me but Mom needed a model for this coat, too. Hope you guys are enjoying my doggie fashion show.

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