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Friday, October 23, 2009

Thursday with Mom!

Someone needs to make treats big enough for me to find! I couldn't miss this one, eh?!
10/22/09 Mom got up while it was still dark--know she doesn't like to do that. At a slower pace today, we both finally got our walks--of course the fact that Mom took me first probably had some thing to do with my refusing to eat my breakfast (sure will be glad when this kind of food is gone). It isn't quite so hot these days and so we can go later in the day. Today was sunny and crisp again. I always seem to be able to find plenty of energy for walking--just like I used to without quite so much gusto.
Finally I settled down for a nice afternoon nap, unlike yesterday. Sometimes Mom treats me like I'm helpless and yet I need help. When we walk I'm becoming more and more dependent on her leading the way. In fact sometimes I have to bump into her to know what direction to go. And even in the kitchen sometimes I can smell my food but really have no idea where to find it. Should I drop one of my cookies, thoughtfully served in a white bowl, I can not see them at all since they are always the color of the floor--a shade if brown. If left on my own I'd be in sorry shape. Thank God for Mom.
Yet again another good night.

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