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Friday, October 9, 2009

Thursday with Mom!

10/8/09 In spite of feeling a bit under the weather, Mom knew she'd feel better if she got out and walked. It wasn't windy, just brisk so she did so. I had to wait ...I know Mom had good intentions...then the darn wind kicked up again, so I didn't get to go today. When will these humans learn that sometimes things just don't get done if they are put off too long. But since I 'go with the flow' so well, being a dog and all, not a problem. I just slept and dreamt of happy, active days.
Mom cooked something today that smelled really good, but she didn't share any of it with me. Think it was something to help her feel better.
I wandered the kitchen after eating dinner waiting for my bedtime cookie...exhausted myself again. Then Mom had a business crisis on her computer, was talking to Robyn & Jim, the phone didn't do what they wanted and right in the midst of it all I made a big puddle in the middle of the kitchen on which I was 'skating'! I was proud of Mom to--after a while--laugh that things fell apart so quickly and thoroughly.
Today's outfit is a southwest coat that Mom designed, sort of remembering Arizona when we were living in Nebraska I think. Katie looked pretty cool, too in another version of the same coat. Really amazing how inventive Mom can be with just about any medium, this time a small blanket someone didn't want anymore.

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