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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wednesday with Mom!

9/30/09 It was way dark and windy when I had to go outside this morning. We tried going back to bed but it didn't work. Mom began on the little box and put me near her. I seem to be wandering around more and more with my eyes wide open because I'm just seeing less and less. And my hind legs aren't working so well lately, besides--Day told Mom when she was here she sensed that was the case. Last night I found myself actually scooting my rear end on the slick kitchen floor to keep up with my front legs. Wonder what we could do about this? Well, if there's something that will help I know Mom's creativity will uncover it.
Today Mom was here all day with me, but when she has been gone I try to keep closer to her and so require more hands on comforting or reassurance for a while. Since she didn't get much sleep last night, I noticed she was really tired--even her morning walk didn't seem to perk her up as it usually does. I think she finds it both disturbing and tiring to watch me wander around as if I'm lost. Once again I want to somehow make her understand there's nothing bothering me and all I want to do is be near her. I need for her to be sure to take good care of herself for both of us.
Mom told me that my friend Susan is coming to see me tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that!
What a night! Don't know how I keep myself wandering, sometimes staggering, around for hours on end. It's too bad some of those hours are when Mom really, really needs her sleep! Last night, at wit's end, through teary eyes she said a little prayer for an answer. Almost immediately she came up with the idea to put me in my kitchen area so I could either wander or sleep at will. Well, can't say I liked it very much and after about 1 more hour of wandering I just had to cry out for Mom. She put me back in my bed beside hers and I slept.

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