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Friday, October 16, 2009

Thursday with Mom!

10/15/09 Yes, enjoying my moments one by one is a very pleasant way to live--the 'costumes' not so much (especially the ruffles)... Guess I'd have to admit the very bestest moment was getting it OFF!
What a hectic morning, with all the computer nonsense and hustling to feed & care for me before Mom got to go out for some well-deserved 'play time'. About the time I thought I was going to be ignored all day long, Mom & I spent some quality 'cuddle time'. By this time, since Mom had had her fun time and messed around with business and computer fun, our Arizona fall had become too warm for our walks.
It really seems strange to me that our humans insist on trying to pack way too many activities into their days. I wonder just how important all the busy-ness really is in the bigger picture. I find being fully in every moment is a relaxing and comfortable way to live--no plans, no worries just complete trust in a more powerful being.
Both Mom and I slept like babies--love it when that happens.

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