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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday with Mom!

10/27/09 After our rough night, Mom was a bit 'fragile' today. It didn't help either that the weather was cloudy and cooler than usual along with a high wind that kept blowing my coat up when I was outside. Early it felt really cold and so after a long time, Mom took pity on me bringing me in for breakfast before I'd had time to figure out why I was outside. So to add to her sad and weary feelings she had to scrub and clean up after me to begin our day together. Yesterday our friend Day did tell Mom that I'm losing more of my senses like depth perception and so it seems that I'm even more confused than ever. Of course this really affects Mom--to watch me must be difficult even though I'm not hurting. She's the kind of person who feels the hurt when some one she loves isn't doing well. I think I'd better try to digest the fact that moving on will be a good thing not only for Mom but for me, too.
My bedtime cookies has a bit different flavor than usual this night...believe Mom laced them with Calms and Rescue Remedy. She does this not just for her but so I'll feel less anxious, too. I don't mind a different flavor of any kind as long as I get my cookie. Hey, maybe I ought to be labeled a 'cookie monster'--HA! Well either I was ready for a great night's sleep or this ploy worked. It sure feels good to sleep well AND to give that gift to Mom.

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